MARINE COATING - Copper paints - Waterproof coating for boats and industry

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Place of Origin:
United States
Main Raw Material:
Appliance Paint, Boat Paint
Application Method:
Marine coatings waterproofing:


Marine Coating, superior waterproofing coating for all waterproofing and Marine usage, superior to all copper paints used on boa

Marine Coat, unique coating superior to all Copper Paints, environmentally safe 10 year warranty!!

Our products are unique similar to a liquid quartz coating, more durable and resistant to all marine life and corrosion  than organic coatings (urethane) COPPER PAINTS or epoxy's.

Low or no Voc's to meet the most current EPA regulations, less toxic than other coatings.

Protect all surfaces, metal, COPPER<STEEL<ALUMINUM, also protects stone, concrete, limestone, marble, steel, all deck flooring (eliminates the need for waxing) protects against damage from ALL MARINE LIFE - ANTIFOULING, moisture, acid, cyanides, stains, grafitti, salt, mold, mildew, pollution, corrosion and more!






The Marine Coat is superior for aqua ducts for the following reasons


1. It reduces the friction in the pipes allowing the head pressure at the pumps to be reduced, saving energy.

2. Environmentally safe, no epoxies etc for workers or environment. Exceeds all Federal and SCAQMD VOC requirements. (all TruNano coatings are under 100g/ltr VOC

3.Cleaning the pipes. The pipes will not always be full. The armor will highly reduce mold and mildew growth which is a major concern since the pipes are 3 stories tall. Cleaning is very time consuming. With Marine Armor the cleaning will be dramatically reduced.

4. Concrete pipes leak water. Prevents leakage

5. Marine Armor creates a covalent bond with what it is sprayed on. If scratched or chipped the product will not continue to flake or peel off. Also the product is flexible enough to expand and contract with the appropriate primer, on any surfaces it is applied to.


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